Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is it Spring or Summer ?

Here the weather is mostly cloudy, with an occasional sunny period. 
We do have a lot of dandilions, however. . . . and that is usually the
sign of summer's start.  So, I set out the 4 inch plants of Pole beans
and the next week, most of the plants were only a few inches long.

After checking, I found that the plants looked like they had been cut
or broken.  And after a longer time, I saw our little almost 1 year old
dog, eating a leaf that was a bush bean leaf.  Ann had fed Baby Snooks
String beans... and she loved them- ,now she just eats the plants and
does not wait for the beans to grow.

I would hate to do something to the puppy, but, she is walking on
only three legs.  She many times holds her right rear leg off the
ground.  Last week, while on a walk with her "new " Mom, she
got under foot at a road crossing on the Walk way, and got walked
on.  She cried a couple of times, but then appeared O K.  Yet, she
has not done her 3 legged walk before that time.  Perhaps the foot
has a sprain or hair line crack, that hurts when she gets tired.  She
can run on the grass as if she is perfectly ok,  it is just when she is
tired, that she lifts her right rear foot off the ground.  I wonder if
Medicare will cover the Dr's bill? (Vet)

Also, we tried a new Puppy groomer, near our home, and they
did not do as good a job, as the earlier firms.  Perhaps they let
Baby snooks fall off the table.. they have some students in their
firm, and train others to groom dogs and cats.

Baby is 2 year old on 8 May....  What do you think we should do?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is a great ride

Sometimes it is bettr not to comment. Our American Government
seems to be unable to get anyjob completed right, other than
that of using force in the wrong places... although I am not
a fan of our Current President, and also not of his party, I
do pray to GOD that our President gets help in doing his best
to help the Americn People.

It seems that our president is not desireous of GODs help, but
rather, has an adgenda that is fixed and unchangeable. It is
almost that someone else is setting the boundaries, and the
scipt is supplied to our President.

Years ago, It seems to me that there was a motion picture of a
robot, that was so good that everyone thought the robot was
human. In that Picture, the fake person caused a lot of grief
and pain for the followers.

It seems that no one is following our President. When he has
good ideas, the Congress seems not to understand or see his
point. In fact, Congress looks as if Congress is the third
power, and cares only for it's perpetuation as that third
part of Gevernment.

The framers of our country wanted a Congress, a Judiciary,
and an administration as check and balance so that we, the
people would get a fair, intelegent shot at being our own
course makers..and not mere followers whom had to do the will
of the Congress, or of the President, or of the Courts.

We started as Wigs and Democrats... then Republicans and
Democrats. These two parties represented us - the people.

Now, the two parties do not represent anything except their
own greed and selfishness. It seems that each person likes
what they get, and wants more and more of it. There seems
to be little concern for us, whom have to pay for their jobs
and their selfish programs. What a sad thing that is.

It is not what I think of, when I think of Democratcy.. but
perhaps a step away from the Master /servant form which was
under the Kings of history.

Government in the United States seems to be a repressive, and
unconcerned group, uncarring of what loads each of us have as
citizens. It is this take and then take more, that has been
the problem from the early days, when part of the country had
other folks working for them, amost as if those whom had the
power, owned the workers. Did we not have a war to correct
that false premise?

Now those others seem to be the Unions, whom are in league with
those whom are powerful in our governmant; while we, the folks
whom support them, have little input and less of a chance to
complain about the uneven burdens.

On balance, there are those, whom just do not care...whom go
through life doing what they want to do, and taking smaller
slice of life, and keeping a low profile... Some of them are
crooks, or have life styles that are not in harmony with the
main population of citizens. those folks are not the leaders
and have little concern with what our city, State or Country
leaders do or what they say. Many of these folks do not work
not want to work.. they do want the perks that they can get,
such as the free programs, the free money, or... And they
also, take, by force or stealth, from those whom do work hard
the savings that have been acquired, and saved.

The main victims are the Old, or those whom should be helped
due to weakness, or other infirmaty. These folks have not a
way to complain, other than the Police or civil authority, and
are many times not restored when they suffer loss. Even
their complaints are not fully addressed by some of the folks
we put in power to safeguard our communities.

And, these folks whom have been robbed, or beaten and
pushed around, have not much hope of recovery or

Our main problem of Government, is, it is not what was
intended, and what it was when first set up. It has
fallen down and failed in many areas, aided by frivolus
Law suits, etc...

When GOD set up this Promised Lland, the Americas, it
was for the sake of each person, not a collective... And
every one could earn or save all that he could create.

It was perfect, and I would think, a copy of that which
GOD used in his Kingdom,.

We should accept GOD and HIS SON, JESUS CHIRST
as having something to do with our system of ruling
Constitution,- If we follow the precepts that are found
in HIS holy work, we can be assured of happyness and
peace. That is what we had - but have lost.

Then too, if we accept what we learn from HIS plan, the
Earth was created for a Test of Man, to see if man would
live according to GOD' s plan and Obey HIM. Those whom
do, will have Eternal Life..those whom do not.....well...\

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Global warming Yep, GOD Planed for it. Wasting away of the
freedoms by the liberals yep - This was foretold in the King
James Bible.

Perhaps we should just go about living, and not worry so much.
Those of us whom voted for THE SAVIOR'S PLAN, before the Earth
was formed, should know that all is well. Hardships, yes=
but we must remember that this is a Test for each of us, and
if we do what we know to be right, we have nothing to fear.

We all leave the earth to go to our home, again, so why worry
as the cartoon says, - We are to live a good life, and be
kind and helpfull to everyone we see, of those whom call us
for help...

Remember, the conflict is between the Advisary and the SAVIOR
and the SAVIOR will win. Let us stay on the correct side.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Google vs Yahoo

Hey, is it me? or is it the fight between the two search

Recently both engines would not accept my pass word. So, I
recreated them. Did that get me in? NO. Even when I put
in the secret answers... and then, magically, I was in, but
am still having problems getting onto my programs, as they
were for years.

And, facebook was a disaster. There were options that I did
not like,but to use the system, I would have to accept them,
so, I discontinued my facebook.... and Ann has discontinued
her facebook also.

then on top of that, the progams would not accept my Picasa
program, ...but in all fairness, it is prossible that my old
age has caused me to forget the way to prosses the pictures
from Picasa to this blogg.

My only hope is that Paige will teach me again, and I will
then put pictures on this blogg.

Just in time for the roudy crowd that is having the live in
in just about every city and state in this country, and with
violence in other countries of the world.

It seems to me that I heard somewhere that when we had the
type of President we have now, that the time was right for
the country to have a type of anarcy.... And, that would
be a time when the food stored by our Church, would come in
handy. All of this was to come just as JESUS CHRIST was
to return to rescue us. I remember that as a child, I heard
that the continents were to be returned the only one land
mass and that the 10 lost tribes were to return via a land
bridge, and take up occupancy of the eastern part of the
U.S. American county-- which would have becoe totally vacant.

I was taught that Good comes from GOD, and anything other
comes from the advisary. I was taught that we need have no
concern for when we folllow the council of those JESUS
CHRIST has put over us, in the leadership of HIS Church, we
will be protected... Are these the tough times? Is the
comming of the Savior close at hand? Perhaps, but what a
fantastic time to be on the Earth -- -Imagine, what it will
be like. How great!

Well, there are my thoughts. What are yours? Are we ready?
Do we have time to experiment - NO. We should be ready with
our harmony with the parable of the 10 virgins. All seemed
worthy, but one half did not prepare for the bridegroom. In
this parable, one thinks that it represents those whom should
be ready, but procrastinated until it was to late to prepare.

For those whom read this, Do what you know to be right. If any-
thing has been left for later, - this is later, so no delay-
set everything right. You know what to do! Do it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

nomore facebook for me.

I think that facebook is too invasive for me.
I'm not wanting to put all my life on the tube.
Iwant to be a bit laid back, so I quit the program.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Has 2011 given up on Summer?

Well, days are getting shorter and the Flag is put out later,
and taken in earlier.... So it seems to me that the daylight
is of shorter use. Or, perhaps the changes are from unusual
natural occurances.. but then if we check Google by putting
in, Earthquakes, or Volcanic Eruptions, or Tital Waves, the
result would be several pages of dates and places... Maybe we
just have not paid attention.

It is said that a earthen bridge existed between china and
out country... or that there was land bridge between Eroupe
and North America. If there was, it was before I can recall.

My thoughts are, that the two were one land mass, and that
the land was divided all over the Earth. the fragments seem
to fit together, if you take a flat map, and cut them out and
put them together. In the Bible, the creation of the earth is
given 2nd hand, and it could have been only one land mass, and
water was around it. Then too, it is suggested by scientists
that the water was in the heavens...until it rained after Noah
built the Arc..... Well, - that was then,and this is now.

My goal is to live to be 100. My wife says she wants no part
of being that old. I want to let her know that she willonly be
95 then... but she tunes me out.

If I get my wish, then I would be here to see my GreatGreat
Grandkids... The great grandkids now would be parents, with a
possibility of having 5 generations here at the same time.

It blows me away when I think that from the two of us, we now
number over 36 births... and then when we count the spouces
that is 22 more for a total of 58, with several weddings that
are planned in the near future..... Now when we add Ann and I
the total is 60...

Maybe the title of this tome, should have been, not of summer
but of ourselves, and what we do with all of our leasure time.
Perhaps we are in the winter of our lives.

One highlight of my life this past year was when Laura took
Mom and I to see the gardens of others...and She reaffirmed
my desire to relearn, and to learn all about growing foods
and making the earth both beautiful and productive. If time
permits, I want to be a part of that goal - to make the area
more beautiful and productive.

Well, enough of that, will you all check out Bill O'Riely's
factor, the #1 tv show on the tube today.....if you don't
like him, be silent-- if you do, let's talk.

Nest post - -sometime a few weeks from now.l